Monday, June 6, 2011

What I'm reading right now

Here are the books I'm reading right now:

Inside Out by Maria V. Snyder. It's an okay book. Nothing really outstanding about it. But it's interested me enough to keep reading, which is getting harder and harder to do these days. It's fairly short, too, so that entices me also. It's a young adult book. I find myself reading a lot of young adult stuff lately. Mainly because the books are so much shorter. I'm tired of the massive "epics" that seem to be about the only thing the big publishers are churning out in the adult sci-fi/fantasy category these days.

I'm also reading City of Dreams and Nightmares by Ian Whates. I'm not sure I like this one yet. I'm about seventy pages into it, and I'm leaning toward NOT liking it, but I'm not quite sure, so I'll keep reading for a while longer. But it's such a long book, and if I don't get more "into" it fairly soon, I'll probably put it down. This points out another thing regarding the lengths of books: if this book were a lot shorter, I probably would definitely finish it. Right now, the length of a book is a big deciding factor for me. I want something longer than a short story, but unless it's really good in the first thirty or so pages, I don't feel like investing the time in an almost 500-page book.

I'm also rereading The Elfin Ship by James P. Blaylock. I love this book. I like the whimsical writing style, mainly.

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