Saturday, March 23, 2013

Current Projects

I'm working on several concurrent writing projects right now.

One, which I'll be publishing in a few short days or a week, is a new collection of my poetry, titled Nuggets of Gold. I know the world is just clamoring for another book of my poetry (And yes, that is sarcasm).

The second is a new novel tentatively titled The House at the Center of the Worlds. I don't really know what genre it falls in. It's sort of a ghost story/haunted house/alternate worlds/romance novel, kind of a blending of Gothic horror, fantasy, and science fiction.

Third, I'm working on Zombie Galaxy 2, which will probably be titled Zombie Galaxy: Pandemic, but I'm not sure yet.

Nuggets of Gold will be published very soon. I'm shooting for June or July for both Zombie Galaxy 2 and House at the Center of the Worlds. Writing is well under way on both of the latter. But Zombie Galaxy 2 may take longer than that. I've got a new story line I'm thinking of adding to the book that will probably double its length. Not sure yet, though.

Further out, I have plans to write more Snowybrook Inn stories, a novel called Flames of the Sun which I've been putting off for far too long, and more Tales From the Big City. I'm probably going to be laid off from my day job in a month or so, and I plan to kick my writing into high gear at that time. Yes, I'm actually looking forward to being laid off :)

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